Blackthorn Lane weather

 Latitude N 50° 45' 05"    Longitude W 03° 23' 33"    Elevation 39 m

Welcome to the home of live and past weather reports from a private weather station located in Blackthorn Lane, Cranbrook, Devon, UK.

A little information about Blackthorn Lane Weather Station:

Welcome to the information page about Blackthorn Lane Weather. This site uses a Watson W-8681 Weather Station (one of many brands using Fine Offset hardware) located in the ever expanding new town of Cranbrook in East Devon (around 8 miles to the northeast of Exeter).

This site has an unusual placement to maximise distance from surrounding buildings. This is mounted on a 2.4m fence post in the front of a boundary hedgerow. The wind direction indicator, anemometer and tipping bucket rain gauge sit at around 2.8m above ground level (comfortably proud of the hedgerow). While the temperature and humidity probe are housed in a custom made Stevenson style screen mounted about 1.2m above ground level.

Pressure readings are taken from the Weather Console located indoors at 39m above mean sea level (amsl), with the correction applied most accurate at times when conditions resemble an International Standard Atmosphere (ISA).

Weather data spans from the station installation date in November 2019 to the present.

Close up image of the Weather Station
Blackthorn Lane Weather Station
Close up image of the Weather Station
Looking northwest beyond the station

This site is run as part of my hobby of monitoring the weather and climate and keeping records of it. I attempt to make the weather data as accurate as reasonably possible (although the data is not official), this is helped by the nearby Exeter Airport No.2 official site (~2km from the station) which on suitable occasions and over the longer term I’m able to make comparisons to help calibrate Blackthorn Lane. The station is currently set up using the CumulusMX software running on a Stick PC to reduce power usage (about 2 Watts) while keeping the data updating day and night. Data is also uploaded to the Met Office Weather Observations Website ‘WOW’.

The weather station is set up in a fairly typical back garden, located within Cranbrook, East Devon. It is bordered on the west through north by an area of newly established parkland, north through to east by housing, east to south by further gardens, a car park and and access road, and finally south through to west by additional housing. Topographically, the station on a shallow downslope to the northwest which descends from the low ridge around 100m to the south of the station. The greatest exposure of the anemometer tower is in northwesterly winds, where topography and funnelling (from nearby housing) appear to combine and lead to very strong wind gusts).

For enquires or questions about the weather station (including the use of data), please get in touch with Nick at Blackthorn Lane Weather.

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